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Potassium Fluoroaluminate

Molecular Formula:KALF4
CAS NO.: 14484-69-6
Molecular Weight:142.08
Property:White or light gray powder; slightly soluble in water; hydrogen fluoride released in the reaction to water at 730℃ above; dissolved slowly in strong acid to release hydrogen fluoride. Melting point: 570℃.

Impurity name



16% min.

Sulfate (SO4)

0.1% max.

Silicate (SiO2)

0.2% max.

Iron (Fe)

0.01% max.

Lead (Pb)

0.005% max.

Moisture (H2O)

1.5% max.


95% passed

Usage:Soldering flux for aluminium and its alloy ; flux in glass and ceramic industries; applied to automobile industry, such as radiator, oil cooler, condenser, evaporator, heating pipe, battery device and etc., as well as housing and accommodation, like pan, tin, pot, coffee machine, electric iron and dryer.
Packing :20KGS plastic woven bag or fiber drum.
Caution at transportation: Must be kept from moisture.


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