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Sodium Fluoroborate

Molecular Formula:NaBF4
CAS NO.:13755-29-8
Molecular Weight:109.8
Property:White or colorless crystal, transparent and right angle prism without sharp end if anhydrous; non-corrosive to glass if absolutely dry, freely soluble in water but slightly soluble  in alcohol. Melting point 384℃.  

Impurity name


Assay (NaBF4)

98.5% min.

Sulfate (SO4)

 0.01% max.

Iron (Fe)

 0.05% max.

Silica (SiO2)

0.3% max.

Lead (Pb)

 0.004% max.

Chloride (Cl)

0.05% max.

Phosphate (PO4)

0.01% max.

Usage:Used as catalyst for resin finishing in textile printing and dyeing industry.It can be used as an oxidative inhibitor. A sand granule used in the casting of aluminum and magnesium alloys in the refining of non-ferrous metals. Electrochemical treatment, coatings, fluoridation agents and as a chemical reagent.
Packing :25KGS compound bag, 25KGS fibre drum.
Caution at transportation: Must be kept from moisture.

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