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Potassium Fluoroborate

Molecular Formula:KBF4
CAS NO.: 14075-53-7
Molecular Weight:125.91
Property:White granular crystal,slightly dissolved in water,hot alcohol and ethanol,not dissolved in alkali solutions;decomposed by strong acid to be Boron Trifluoride;codissolved with carbonate of alkali metals to be fluoride and borate;melting point 530°C.

Impurity name


Assay (KBF4)

99% min.


0.1% max.


0.01% max.


0.03% max.


0.01% max.

Calcium (Ca)

0.05% max.

Magnesium (Mg)

0.05% max.


0.05% max.

Silica(as SiO2)

0.3% max.

Mesh:+60Mesh: 5%max.; -60 ~ +200Mesh: 80% min.; -200 ~ +325Mesh: 15% max., -325Mesh: 5%max.
Usage: Analytical reagent, fusing agent, electrochemical engineering and chemical experiments; raw material for Boron Trifluoride and casting Al and Mg; flux of hot weld and brazing; abrasive for grinding wheel of thermosetting resin; purge away dross from light metal while fusing silver, gold and stainless steel; resin finishing agent for textile printing and dyeing industries; granularity index improver of nonferrous metals.
Packing :25KGS compound bag,100KGS drum, 1000KGS big bag.
Caution at transportation:Must be Kept from moisture.

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