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People of Jinxing, Keep Moving Forward

Time flies by fast and good memories remain. With the care and support from various groups of our community, Jinxing Fluorides continues its success for more than 40 years as we keep turning challenges into opportunities and embracing changes. On behalf of all of our staff, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all who cared about the development of Jinxing and offered support along the way.

Jinxing was founded in 1975, with only a few products of inorganic salt initially. Since then, Jinxing has grown into a leading domestic manufacturer of inorganic fluorides in China with the capability of large-scale standardized production and the reputation of being professional and innovative. Through unremitting efforts, people of Jinxing provide premium quality products and technologies to the society, which allows Jinxing to contribute to the innovations and development of a variety of industries.

The core competency of Jinxing is the production of high quality products. As far as quality is concerned, Jinxing has constantly strived for excellence to meet the increasingly stringent requirements from customers. In addition to general areas of application, our products are widely used as special alloys in aviation and aerospace industry or are applied in other industries like metal surface treatment. The overall competency of Jinxing has been enhanced as a result of pursuing best quality products to meet the high standards of these specialized industries.

With the primary goal of increasing customer satisfaction and our beliefs in honesty and sincerity, people of Jinxing promote better communication with our customers to understand their needs and to provide the right products. We always hold the conception of promoting common development, which allows a win-win for both Jinxing and our customers.

As a chemical company with a strong sense of social responsibility, we take the issue of environmental protection and workplace safety with great seriousness. We have heavily invested in continuous updates and improvements to our production technology and equipment to ensure a sound working environment and environment-friendly production activities. We are doing our best fulfilling cooperate social responsibility while providing high quality products. We stick to the principle of "being a model enterprise achieving harmony with our society" to realize stable and sustainable development of Jinxing.

A major transition of Jinxing happened in year 2010, as we started a second venture by setting up a new production site in Nantong. In our new site, we employ more advanced equipment and implement more stringent testing standards in the production process. People of Jinxing are working hard toward the goal of making Jinxing "a world-class manufacturer of inorganic fluorine products".

Facing the future, people of Jinxing must not slack off even a bit, since the road ahead of us is long and we have great responsibilities to bear on our shoulder. We firmly believe that in the future days, we will be more united and innovative, and we will satisfy every customer with better products and better service.

My sincere thanks go to every friend of Jinxing. It is your trust and support made Jinxing develop into what it is today. Let us join hands and endeavor to promote development of Jinxing and build it into a most reliable, world-class manufacturer of high quality products of inorganic fluorine.

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